End User License Agreement

  • Team Exodus or any of its contributors is not liable for any damages caused to your device under any circumstances.
  • Team Exodus withholds the right to redistribute Exodus Android or any of its components modified or otherwise.
  • Team Exodus withholds the right to publicly link directly to the download server. Instead link directly to this page.
  • Team Exodus or any of its contributors holds the right to refuse support or service to anyone with or without a given reason.
  • Team Exodus or any of its contributors will not provide support for devices that disable ContentGuard** or install Xposed framework.
**This distribution contains support for ContentGuard as of July 24th. Applications flagged as malware, unsafe, or exploiting the market system will be automatically disabled and removed.  For more information about this feature please visit this link.

By clicking "ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD" you accept and agree to these terms

Installation Instructions

1. Requirements
Custom Recovery
      ►   Supported device
      ►   Exodus Android and Google's Apps installation files on device storage
      ►   Backup of all important data and a working firmware

2a. Clean Installation (When coming from another ROM)*
Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik cache
      ►   Install Exodus followed by Google's apps

2b. Dirty Installation (When Updating Manually)**
Wipe cache, dalvik cache
      ►   Install Exodus followed by Google's apps

2c. Updater Installation:**
Navigate to
          ▬  Exodus Morph: Settings -> Rom Controls -> Exodus Updater
          ▬  Other Morph: Settings -> About Phone -> Exodus Updater
      ►   Refresh Updates
      ►   Download Latest
      ►   Update using updater automated installation

*All installed apps, settings, and anything in the /data partition will be formated.
**No data loss will occur